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    Breastfeeding Management, Educational Tools for Physicians and Other Professionals, has video clips and handouts for those who are learning or teaching bedside breastfeeding management.


    Breastfeeding Management, Educational Tools for Physicians and Other Professionals was rated by Faculty and Residents as the most useful set of teaching tools used in the American Academy of Pediatrics’ Breastfeeding Curriculum for Residents, a program developed by BPPOP ( Breastfeeding Promotion in Physicians’ Office Practices). While there are many effective styles and approaches, these tools may serve as a start for the clinician developing his/her own style.  Along with the following 3 video clips, an introductory letter suggests the intended use of the handouts.


    “15 Minutes of Breastfeeding Help” was designed to help students think of how to structure the session efficiency, given that time constraints are such a reality for the busy clinician. Frequently problems may require a second or third visit, but much can be accomplished in a short time once a general, yet flexible format is designed.

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    “Early Hand Expression with Teaching Steps” is a detailed example of how to teach a new mother hand expression. For many mothers, colostrum is more effectively removed by hand rather than by electric pump. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends this technique be taught to all new breastfeeding mothers.

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    “Maximizing Milk Production with Hands-on Pumping” Mothers who are separated from their babies make more milk when they do not rely only on the suction of a breast pump to express.  New research supports simple manual techniques, combined with pumping and demonstrated here by mothers of preterm babies.

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    Our goal is to improve effective support for breastfeeding and help care providers feel comfortable and capable when a new mother says, “Can you help me?”

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