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    A Mother's Touch, Breastfeeding in the First Hour, (12 minutes, for download only. DVD not available. English and Spanish) is for newly and about to deliver mothers. We can't predict exactly how our own deliveries will go. But one thing is for sure. That is, in the first hour after birth, a mother and her partner can prevent breastfeeding problems from happening, under any circumstances. This video explains simply and clearly the ABC's of breastfeeding.

    A, ATTACHMENT: How can you help your baby nurse comfortably and effectively?

    B, BREASTMILK: How can you build a rich supply, even if your baby is unable to nurse well from the first hour?

    C, CALORIES: How can you make sure your baby is getting enough?

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    The first hour is the most sensitive time to protect exclusive breastfeeding by preventing future problems from happening, such as mothers who won't make enough and babies who won't get enough milk. How? By empowering all parents, especially those with early babies, cesarean births, or those separated from their newborns with simple, comfortable, easily doable guidance. This is the easiest time to teach and learn hand expression and, if needed, gentle cue-based assistance with latching and spoon feeding early milk. Right before delivery is the ideal time to watch this video and build confidence to enable a mother to feel, "I can do this!"

Photographer: Suzanne Arms


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