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Unquestionably, breastmilk is far superior to any formula designed for babies, and even more critical for the health of the premature baby. The challenge lies in making breastfeeding, or providing a mother's own milk for her baby, a comfortable, enjoyable, and manageable part of the new mother's life.

Our latest release is, "A Mother's Touch, Breastfeeding in the First Hour" (for downloading and screening only). Based on the latest science, this simple and beautiful video will give each mother, in every situation, all she needs to know to give her baby the best start and avoid breastfeeding problems. Three other videos (in DVD format) give new mothers and their care providers in-depth understanding and critical guidance for the following hours and days.

    A Mother's Touch, Breastfeeding in the First Hour, (12 minutes, Download only. DVD not available. English and Spanish). Make every first hour count! Feel confident that you have exactly the information and simple hand skills you need to make breastfeeding work, from that first precious hour. Real mothers and beautiful animation demonstrate what you'll need to know when it matters the most.

    Making Enough Milk, The Key to Successful Breastfeeding...Planning for Day One. This is the perfect follow up video to "A Mother's Touch". Every expectant and new mother, those who plan to use a breast pump, and mothers who struggle with low milk supply or difficulty with latching will love this useful, accurate guide to protecting milk production. This is the key to exclusive and successful breastfeeding. (Available for download or DVD)
    A Premie Needs His Mother, First Steps to Breastfeeding Your Premature Baby, designed for pre term mothers, Lactation Consultants and neonatal staff. (Available for download or DVD)

    Breastfeeding Management, Educational Tools for Physicians and Other Professionals, has video clips and handouts for those who are learning or teaching bedside breastfeeding management. (Available for download or DVD)

    The producer, Dr. Jane Morton, is a Clinical Professor of Pediatrics at Stanford University, with a distinguished career as a general pediatrician. She is internationally recognized for her contributions to education, research and clinical care in breastfeeding and human lactation.

Photographer: Suzanne Arms


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